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@茫茫 Discussing the nuances of Pres. Xi's presentation at Davos O网页链接 (discussions begin at around 19:30 mark.)@CCTVdialogue ​​​​
#ChinaGDP data out. 2016 last on-target (6.5%+) growth year (see @ 10 min in).@ECO中文网 @CCTVNEWS @经济学人集团 O网页链接 ​​​​
#HongKong @ecn_asia event this week on #China's #OBOR strategy. ​​​​
Insightful!!map event last few days. Thanks to all participants, especially our panelists! @经济学人集团 @ECO中文网 ​​​​
Talk with @MartinaCCTVNEWS re players in map: goals hard to synch.@ECO中文网 @经济学人集团…O网页链接 ​​​​