Prof. Ran Wei published a new book entitled News in their Pockets: A Cross-City Comparative Study of Mobile News Consumption in Asia by Oxford University Press recently.

Since the debut of the iPhone in 2007, the mobile phone has become a quick, convenient, and immensely popular gateway for accessing and consuming news. With three billion mobile phone subscribers, Asian countries have led this seismic shift in news consumption. They provide a wide range of opportunities to study how, as mobile technology matures and becomes routinized, mobile news is increasingly subject to societal constraints and impositions of political power that reduce the democratic benefits of such news and call into question the application of these technological innovations within governments and societies.

This book is the first large-scale comparative study of mobile news consumption across Asia’s most mobile cities. It features data from over 6,000 respondents in East and Southeast Asia. It also explores the impact of differing political, societal, and technological approaches to news consumption.
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