We are living in the dawn of a new scientific renaissance, made possible by our ability to communicate without barriers. I will be making a video appearance at GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) Beijing 2017 on April 27th to discuss the future of scientific discovery and collaboration. I hope my words, and the presentations of the other scientific minds involved will inspire countless people to embrace science and dedicate themselves to a future filled with innovation.

#天工开悟上天了# 我们正迈入一场“新科学复兴”,这样的科学复兴之所以存在,是因为我们可以有无边界的交流。4月27日,我将在北京举办的全球移动互联网大会上做一次视频演讲,探讨科学发现和科学合作的未来。我期望,我的话语以及其他科学家们的演讲能启发更多的人热爱科学,为科学创新的未来献出自己的一份力。

- SH
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