So excited to finally announce our official partnership with China Merchants Viking Cruises as Ambassador of Culinary culture, with the launching of 招商伊敦号. Exploring the vast culinary and cultural landscape of China through our hand-crafted teas, collaborative dishes, on-board lectures and specialty workshops. I’ll be on-board throughout the year, and hope to see you there!

很高兴地向大家宣布,我将作为招商维京“招商伊敦号”游轮的饮食文化大使,在接下来的一年里,在船上通过手工茶叶,联合创意菜,人文演讲和主题互动课堂等和大家一起探索中国博大精深的饮食文化,期待在船上跟大家见面! 2广州·沙面岛
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