#Cambodia Asian Film Festival##柬埔寨亚洲电影节# [太开心][太开心][太开心]
There is always an expectation, perhaps not necessarily related to love, but certainly related to love. All those who love movies in Asia, we are waiting for you in Phnom Penh to fight the epidemic and stick to our love. On July 29, the Cambodian Asian Film Festival was in full bloom, the conference hall of the Cambodian Ministry of culture and art was held ceremoniously, and the Cambodian National Television broadcast the whole Asia simultaneously.Longdu flowers bloom, just for the love that we stick to.
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  • ü 审核时间 2021-04-30
  • 3 行业类别 文化体育-影视传播
  • Ü 简介: 柬埔寨亚洲电影节官方微博,权威发布柬埔寨亚洲电影节的评奖进程、活动安排等相关信息。
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