Nothing better than a day out on the bike with a mate #DerekWhite#🏍️

和好友#DerekWhite#一起骑机车外出的感觉太棒了🏍️ ​​​​
It’s been great meeting so many inspiring young people who are being supported to get involved in sport by the Ability Friendly Program. It’s amazing to see them so happy and having fun.

很高兴能够见到这么多通过公益项目支持来参与体育活动的年轻人,他们的故事是如此激励人心。看到 ​​​​...展开全文c
Such an honour being shown around by the man himself #JeffKoons#... Congratulations on your incredible new exhibition 👏🏻

非常荣幸得到#JeffKoons#亲自带我参观他艺术作品的机会...祝贺你无与伦比的新展览👏🏻 ​​​​
Last year I promised Ted from the #RoyalHospitalChelsea# I would visit them again for pie, mash and jellied eels. It was so great seeing some of the wonderful Chelsea Pensioners that I met supporting last year’s Poppy Appeal again this week. It’s always such a privilege being i ​​​​...展开全文c
Selfie with the 🐶🐶 ❤️❤️

和🐶🐶 自拍❤️❤️ ​​​​
It was great visiting Wan Li Chang Cheng a few years ago, building this takes me right back.

有幸几年前能亲自登上万里长城,积木仿佛把我带回了那里。 LDavidBeckham的微博视频 ​​​​
Winter is here ❄️ What is your favourite traditional Chinese dish that I should try?

冬天 ❄️ 大家有什么传统中国美食可以推荐给我的吗? ​​​​
⚽ 👀 Created a bit of a mess at work today…

⚽ 👀 今天“工地”被我弄的有点脏乱...
LDavidBeckham的微博视频 ​​​​
As we end this long and tough season I wanted to thank the people that are most important to our club ( OUR FAN’s )who turn up win , lose or draw they are there hours before the game and stay singing until long after the game , this is what matters to us as owners and to the who ​​​​...展开全文c
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Happy fireworks night from us all 😀

我们一家的烟花之夜 😀 LDavidBeckham的微博视频 ​​​​
I love this city NYC .. So nice to be back 🧡

我爱纽约.. 很高兴能回来 🧡 ​​​​
What a group... So good to be part of #TheShop# 🙌🏻

看这团队...很开心能成为#TheShop# 的一份子🙌🏻 LDavidBeckham的微博视频 ​​​​
Look forward to the amazing event in Beijing in 100 days.🙌  期待100天后精彩的北京冬奥会。🙌


📅距离@北京2022年冬奥会 正式开幕迈入了100天倒计时!“双奥之城”的精彩,我们邀你共同见证!

#北京冬奥100天倒计时海报发布##北京冬奥倒计时100天##共同强大# ​​​​