置顶 Me posing as #Mulan# at the Great Wall of China! Haha ​​​​
Just eyeliner. No makeup! No photoshop! Want to know my secrets to stay young? Go to Twitter & Instagram weneverbymingna ❤️😘 ​​​​
Congrats Rich and Kailin on getting married! 💍🎩 We loved the Great Gatsby theme! 1920's style. ♥️ ​​​​
好可愛! I am proud to portray Chun-Li, Agent May and Mulan! 中國女強人! 💪👊👍 Thanks #OriginalFunko# for making them in POP dolls! Love them! ❤️ ​​​​
在我女兒的房間。好聽的音樂。可愛的狗。傻媽媽。😆 L秒拍视频 . ​​​​

Stay strong and flexible at any age! #agentsofshield# ​​​​
早上好!太多咖啡! Haha

I❤️coffee! 💋 L秒拍视频 . ​​​​
Ming vs Ming....Weekend Warriors! 👊💪

#agentsofshield# ​​​​
After shooting a fight scene for over 15 hrs for #agentsofshield#, I am SO happy my husband started up the jacuzzi for me! ​​​​