Yixing Butterfly Lovers Drama Festival to show drama pro

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Yixing Butterfly Lovers Drama Festival to show drama programs ofall parts of the country

Creators in chief of 33 plays from 18 professional troupesnationwide successively arrived in Yixing on April 24. In the nextfew days, performances of various types of drama such as ShaoxingOpera, Huai Opera and Wuxi Opera will be put on in Yixing People'sTheatre and Jiaoqiao Walking Street; and at the same time, YixingShanjuandong Scenic Spot will welcome on-the-stage singing ofsenior amateur performers of Peking Opera, Shaoxing Opera, WuxiOpera and others from all parts of the country. On the evening ofApril 24, the China Yixing 2nd-phase Butterfly Lovers DramaFestival held a media meeting and disclosed relevantinformation. 


Wang Jianping, Secretary of Yixing Cultural Center, introducedthat the Legend of Butterfly Lovers is a state-level intangiblecultural heritage representative project of Yixing, and thatholding the Butterfly Lovers Drama Festival is to let ButterflyLovers combine with drama, enrich activities of its tourist seasonof Tea Zen arrives in Yixing in April, further dig culturalheritage of the city, especially humanistic connotation of Cultureof Butterfly Lovers, and constantly expand cultural popularity ofYixing. 

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