天爱基金会创始人慈善家、Tian Art 艺术创作总监张天爱

天爱基金会创始人慈善家、Tian Art 艺术创作总监张天爱

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#战疫英雄三亚最美婚礼#歌手、演员@俞灏明 为“山河无恙 三亚等你”全国战疫英雄最美婚礼送祝福。#14亿人为英雄祝福#  俞灏明超话     L海南日报的微博视频 ​​​​
#美声##歌手# 许靖韵版《K歌之王》,这个女生版太鲨我了,嗓音独特、高昂有力度,给了一种嗓音纯净跳跃的感觉!让我心跳狂飙!#音乐##音乐推荐#L每次听朴树唱起这首歌,就仿佛重走一遍青春路... ​​​​
#搞笑##热门视频合集#​​​​  L奇葩帖的微博视频 ​​​​
用作品和实力见证,这就是陈晓到陈老师的成长和转变[中国赞]#陈晓冰雨火# ​​​​
【震撼!#5000米高空航拍长白山天池#[憧憬]】世界上最深的高山湖泊——长白山天池,由降水和地下涌泉汇聚而成,平均水深204米,最深处373米,一眼望不到底。#20亿吨水被捧在2189米高空#。戳视频,带你从5000米高空俯瞰摄人心魄的画面↓↓@CCTV9纪录 LCCTV9纪录的微博视频 ​​​ LCCTV9纪录的微博视频  ​​​​...展开全文c


Dance your way through the crisis... students, dance your way to success... life in virtual reality is the new reality! CISCA Teachers and staff on the front line to build a future through thick and thin!  L张天爱FloraZeta的微博视频 ​​​​
The Royal Ballet School won’t launch Richmond Park, Margot Fonteyn’s statue and this is Chairman Kevin O’hare from The Royal Ballet Dance Company at Covent Garden UK  he came to Beijing for one day to receive his  championship ignition ceremony. ​​​​
Love our CISCA team, ...... thank you Tian Wei for visiting us, you have given us hope to have the opportunity to ignite and heal our students, friends and their families with mind body and soul....... stick together and rebuild a clean & a healthy China!  O微博视频 ​​​​
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Our beautiful, compassionate team of performers at Ballet Octahedron, also creative artists as educators, personal mentors to coach our up and coming young stars of tomorrow, every single individual as a true leader in themselves all united at CISCA Beijing China 🇨🇳! ​​​​
第二十一届上海国际艺术节参演剧目,由上海芭蕾舞团新创芭蕾舞剧《茶花女》,11日16日晚首演于上汽  - 上海文化广场。这部上海芭蕾舞团四十周年庆典之作,以海派叙事芭蕾,再现法国作家小仲马笔下法国七月王朝背景下的悲欢离合的故事。
Derek Deane’s delicate, heartfelt production of Lady of came ​​​​...展开全文c
An amazing time with everyone, thank you Yi Fei and Wen Ling! We had a fabulous time! We will help to collaborate to make a huge difference to the children that needs consistent magical help in this World! ​​​​
David and Susan Rockefeller are here in China to meet with different groups that will help to build a better world! ​​​​
Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Celebration landed on Halloween night! A great 40 years of HKB, past dancers alumni all went on stage to take a bow! ​​​​
Theo Hans Chow has been hand picked for entering a professional ballet School for 2020 summer at ABS in Canada by our head of Cechetti Examiner Diploma master teacher Ms. Diane Van Schoor....beautiful words by her parents舞蹈有种不言而喻,将人距离缩短的震摄力。在张天爱北京 CISCA  ​​​​...展开全文c