combined zero site and two site DMRG with simple expansion .... ​​​​
one could try to record the tensor dimensions without actually perform the multiplications ​​​​
it is time to really work out twisted boundary condition .... ​​​​
so I must learn how to compute the Chern number using twisted boundary conditions .... ​​​​
the rejection is not surprising, but the submission to another high profile journal sounds hopeless as well ... ​​​​
  • 今天是我的生日10月01日,来祝福我吧~

should be possible to work out some chiral graviton stuff ... ​​​​
the excitation spectrum of the Bose-Fermi state is a little complicated .... ​​​​
gapless topological order in unbalanced two-component bosons .... ​​​​
try to understand the exctiation structure of anti-Pfaffian ones .... ​​​​
this provides a method to differentiate the two possible 1/2 chiral topological order .... ​​​​
surely I would feel jealous, but I should refrain from such bad thoughts ​​​​