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今天是日本的 雛祭(ひなまつり)(Hinamatsuri)日!🎎✨

人们吃一种叫做 "散寿司"的传统菜肴来庆祝节日。

你可以在「多回忆的食堂故事2」中为你的顾客烹饪它! 😋🍣
This box is no longer a common sight lately in Japan.
Milkman delivered milk to this box everyday and many houses had this box at outside the front door[馋嘴]

Steam版 变成大人也不要忘记 is now available on Steam!

#变成大人也不要忘记##GAGEX# ​​​​

#变成大人也不要忘记##GAGEX##steam# ​​​​
Steam版 变成大人也不要忘记 is now available on Steam![太开心][2022]

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Let'a take on the role of Minato, a young boy who sets out on an unexpected and incredible summer adventure!
「变成大人也不要忘记」Live-action promotional video
Get into this nostalgic world. We hope you will enjoy it!

变成大人也不要忘记 will release on 13 Jan, 2022.
Please check it on Steam and add to your wishlist!
Steam版 变成大人也不要忘记 
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The Complete Edition includes the full story available in the app, in addition to a new bonus episode set after the events of the main game.
There are also brand-new collection items to find!

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#变成大人也不要忘记##GAGEX##Steam# ​​​​
GAGEX original soundtrack is available now!
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变成大人也不要忘记 原声带...展开全文c
#那年的暑假# 1st Anniversary Update!!

New episode "時間膠囊與藏寶船之謎" is now available!

A story about memories from 25 years ago eventually leads to the mystery of the island's inherited treasure... ?![思考]

"众多回忆的食堂故事2 ~感动人心的昭和系列~ " is now available on the AppStore![太开心][可乐]

Run a classic Japanese diner in a story-focused shop simulation game!

Free to Play !

Introducing the characters in "关东煮店人情故事4 - Life Goes On"!

A woman who works for a major foreign company.
She is an iron lady who never gives up on her family and her work.
But even she is worried about something...?[思考]

#关东煮店人情故事4# ​​​​
Introducing the characters in "关东煮店人情故事4 - Life Goes On"!

A cheerful man of indeterminate age with a fluent Osaka dialect.
(He gives off vague feeling of being useless...[汗])

#关东煮店人情故事4# ​​​​
The biggest feature of the "关东煮店人情故事" series is stocking up on Oden(关东煮) and inviting customers. There are various Odens from the classic to the unusual! Let's prepare with Oden pot and wait for your customers!

Each customer has own favorite Oden!

What's your favorit ​​​​...展开全文c
"关东煮店人情故事4 -Life Goes On-" is now available on the App store![鼓掌]

Take the role of an old man in an oden shop and serve oden to customers!

If you collect customers' gripes, you may be able to see their personal stories...! ​​​​
快来和少年飒介一起留下珍贵的夏日回忆吧~ [可爱]

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