I live in Australia, but my heart is in Gulangyu. I make ceramics, restore pipe organs, and per...
Rethinking my styling for my ceramic work. I like the circles! What do you think? O网页链接 ​​​​
Buttons! Handmade by me in Australian BRT clay. Now in my online store. O网页链接

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This morning we went out for breakfast (at home). The café (our lounge room) had these gorgeous hand made porcelain lotus root serving bowls (made by me) that made the mash and cheese taste even better! 😆😆😆 ⠀

Nothing like a lockdown breakfast to start the weekend!! ​​​​...展开全文c
Ceramics studio now operational in the car park at home! Organ building workshop on the way! 😆😆 #Covid19# ​​​​
Too many people here in Australia ignored the social distancing advice. What idiots! Now we are pre O网页链接 ​​​​
I had a lovely visit today with the only photographer I know who can capture me in a photo in a way that expresses how I feel within. Thank you Kaz! 谢谢你!#Womenartists# 2澳大利亚·Melbourne ​​​​
I love my beautiful ceramic Apple Core made by Mayo, my 11 year old friend. My rabbit by Lars Ravn loves it too! 😊💕😊💕#Larsravn# 2澳大利亚·Footscray ​​​​
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This Sunday, some of my ceramic pieces will be part of the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre new SHOP! Opening. Please join me to celebrate. 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 12pm-5pm. #ceramics# 2澳大利亚·墨尔本 ​​​​
Thanks to the encouragement of my social media followers, these porcelain sculptures have found new life as vases.

Originally made as shotgun shells in my sculpture for the 2019 Biblio Art Prize, I have recreated them in their own context, and am so happy with the result. They ​​​​...展开全文c