I am having another baby with the love of my life ❤️
我和我的爱妻又有宝宝了 ​​​​
Who wants this shirt? 😄
有人也想要这件衣服么 ​​​​
When I told Viola she will have a little brother soon 💖💙
当我告诉我女兒她很快就会有一个弟弟💖💙 ​​​​
My daughter enjoyed the show as well! 😄❤️🎉
我女儿也很享受这场演出! LTiesto_Official_Account的微博视频 ​​​​
My enemies are after me,
send me money 😅 我的敌人在追杀我, 可以给我转点钱吗 😅 ​​​​
Amazing weekend at Coachella ! Incredible to join Karol G on the main stage.
The afterparty was fun as well! 😅🍾
在科切拉度过美妙的周末! 与 Karol G 在主舞台上演出真是太棒了。
庆祝派对也很好玩! 😅🍾 LTiesto_Official_Account的微博视频 ​​​​
感谢所有上周末来坎昆参加“THE TRIP”的人!! 🎉🔥🔥❤️
Thanks to everyone that came to Cancun last weekend for “THE TRIP”
It was sooo much fun!! 🎉🔥🔥❤️
Song : Cherub - Doses & Mimosas (Tiësto remix) LTiesto_Official_Account的微博视频 ​​​​
Race Day! Ready to party in Miami for the F1! 🏁🏎 ​​​​