Foam Paul Huf Award 2016: Daisuke Yokota
© Foam Amsterdam

Dubbed “one of the most innovative and experimental young photographers working in the world today”—discover the work of the unanimous winner of this prestigious Dutch award.

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Visceral, Emotional, Intellectual: The Ingredients of Powerful Photography
© European Pressphoto Agency

In today’s era of visual bombardment—of “why not?” rather than “why?”—trained visual storytellers are more important than ever. This interview offers insight from a...
Bodies and Geometry: Photography Through the Looking Glass
© Tina Lechner

Humankind has lost control over its own creations—today, the line between living and inanimate is gone. These striking fine art portraits explore our current state with retro-futuristic verve.

Mass Surveillance (in the Age of Live Streams)
© Gaia Light

From a kindergarten in Japan to London’s Abbey Road, these photos make up a photographic survey of the thousands of publicly accessible webcams live-streaming around the world.

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Srebrenica, From Night to Night
© Adrien Selbert

Drawn in by otherworldly, cinematic images, discover a dreamscape reverie of the local youths in this fascinating video interview.

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Blanco: Silent Landscapes
© Awoiska Van Der Molen

Meditation, presence and connection—these mystical, absorbing, black-and-white landscapes offer a welcome antidote to the ceaseless, noisy distractions of modern life.

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Dead Eagle Trail: Inside the Life of Cowboys
© Jane Hilton

Off their horses and away from the John Wayne memorabilia, cowboys will reveal a passionate yet softer side of themselves. These portraits capture what remains of a still proud, deeply American, way of life.

The Formidable Impact of Double Exposure Photojournalism
© Blink Network

Definitions of photojournalism (and visual storytelling) are expanding every day — a cutting-edge practitioner shares her insights from the “far end of the spectrum.”

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Sans Titre: Suspense
© Agnes Geoffray

“With suspension everything remains possible, nothing is definite.” Explore this conceptual series of found photographs which plays with the rich, fertile idea of suspense.

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Mothers of Patience
© Fatemeh Behboudi

The Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century. These moving stories recount the grief of the mothers of missing soldiers who live in hope of finally seeing their sons again—or at least holding a body to ​​​​...展开全文c
2015 LensCulture Exposure Awards: Single Image Winners & Finalists

Diverse, varied and inspirational, these award-winning single images tell stories from Ukraine to the Balkans, the northernmost settlement in the world to the mystery of twins…See all the work and learn more abo ​​​​...展开全文c
Photography and Humanity: Understanding the Genius of Paul Strand
© Victoria and Albert Museum

A massive retrospective exhibition in London allowed us to reconsider one of the giants of the field and further appreciate his life-long dedication to the craft of photography.

A Micro Odyssey
© Marco Castelli

From a barstool to a blade of grass, bacteria surround us in their majestic, minuscule grandeur. But as these dazzling images remind us — small is just a matter of one’s point of view.

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My Sea: The Sea I Dreamt
© Han Sungpil

The sea that I saw at the age of fifteen, is still the dream in the film of memory deep in my heart…Explore the Earth’s dizzying, unplumbed aqueous depths through this poetic series of seascapes.

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