Team Liquid 英雄联盟分部 ADC

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《青春有你》2总决赛排名公布!@青春有你2-许佳琪- 以9086752票获得第三!!

许佳琪:“心有多大舞台就有多大,这条路我走了八年来到这里。谢谢支持我的所有人。最需要感谢的是我的黑琪军们,谢谢你们帮我完成了我来这里最大的梦想, ​​​​...展开全文c
舞台上灿烂的笑脸 舞台下就是些许紧张的神情 笑容背后都是汗水辛苦和无数次的努力💦
一切都是他努力拼搏出的结果❤️ ​​​​


my soloq experience is giving me depression ​​​​
they should rename Immortal to Master tier and switch the top tier to Immortal which sounds way cooler and less awkward to say (Valorant in Valorant vs Immortal in Valorant) ​​​​
had the weirdest dream ever. I was on G2, Perkz was my support and he was smurfing an LEC match as Rakan. I built the wrong items on poke Varus but we still won and after the game Caps gave me a really disappointed speech ​​​​
watching playoffs rather than playing is honestly so sad. first time in 5 years I haven't made it to finals at the very least and I've never felt more disgusted with myself. next split cant come sooner 😔 ​​​​
having so much fun playing Valorant but I'm def not good enough to stream it yet 😳 ​​​​
today is day 1 of no sugar because if I'm going to be 9th place and quarantined inside, might as well be as healthy as possible for summer split.

I sat agape as I watched Doublelift enter his beautiful Honda. Lesser mortals might wonder "What shall I do now?" But I knew instantly, it was my destiny to break curfew and go to my local Honda dealership immediately to purchase eight Honda Accords. ​​​​
😢 gg we played our hearts out tho ​​​​
really sucks. lots of fans have told me in low moments that it's about if you can get back up after you get knocked down. hard to see the light at the moment but we won't give up. ​​​​