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Osaka Main Store Alice Girls Party Online Viewing Event Ticket

With the online event ticket, you can view the broadcast of "Innocent World Alice Girls Party 2021 AW New Collection Fashion Show" to be held in Osaka City on July 16th.
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Osaka Main Store
⚜Lily of the Valley Girls Party⚜
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Thank you very much for your love and support for Innocent World.
7days only! We have a Sale Item Bulk Purchase Online Fair!
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Upcoming New Collection[星星]

☆Revival Elda Dress
☆Cross Ribbon Headdress
☆Teddy Bear Rose

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[星星]Upcoming New Collection[星星]

☆Rococo Revival Doll Dress
☆Torchon Lace Doll Bonnet
☆Round Collar Yolk Tiered Dress

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[星星]Upcoming New Collection[星星]

☆Young Maiden's Violet Dress
☆Young Maiden's Violet Necklace
☆Young Maiden's Violet Earrings
☆Young Maiden's Violet Ribbon Clip
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[星星]Upcoming New Collection[星星]

♥White Lily Dress
♥Ribbon Crochet Hat

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[星星]Upcoming New Collection[星星]

♥Celestine Dress

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[星星]Upcoming New Collection[星星]

♥Frilled Satin Ribbon Headband
♥Michelle Dress

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On Monday, August 31st, the online shop for overseas online orders will resume its operations!
The sale will start on the same day, so we would love for you to share this information with your friends from all over the world who also love Lolita fashion♪

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