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I want to wish you all the best in the future, because you deserve nothing less than the best.
This is not a goodbye letter because you know that you have to come back and have cappuccino and croissants with your friends right @D_DeGea ? 😂
Legend ❤️

我祝愿你未来一切顺利, ​​​​...展开全文c
One legend, magician, mentor and a true friend! I couldn’t be more lucky to find someone to look for and learn in this beginning at Man Utd and the premier league. Was a pleasure to play alongside with you, but more than that was amazing after this time having you as a friend.

Mais uma importante vitória rumo ao nosso objetivo 💪🏼
Obrigado a todo o apoio mais uma vez demonstrado 🙏🏼

向着目标前进的又一场重要胜利 💪🏼
再次感谢所有球迷对我们的支持 🙏🏼

#葡萄牙队加油# ​​​​
Sempre bom jogar em casa 💚❤️

在家比赛的感觉永远都是那么棒 💚❤️

#葡萄牙队加油# #欧国联# ​​​​
Uma estreia positiva na competição!
Vamos por mais já no próximo domingo 💪🏼
Obrigado a todos os portugueses que estiveram presentes para nos apoiar e se fizeram ouvir do início ao fim

下周日我们继续努力 💪🏼
感谢所有来到现场支持我们的葡萄牙 ​​​​...展开全文c
Motivado e preparados para os desafios que estão para chegar 💪🏼

我已经充满动力,准备好面对前方的挑战了!💪🏼 ​​​​
Season over and none of our goals were accomplished. I know that individually and collectively it was not at the level that we should be.

又一个赛季结束了,可我们的任何目标都没有完成。我知道我个人和全队目前都不该是现在的水平。 ​​​​
The work this club and the MU Foundation does in the community makes a big difference to people's lives we should be proud for that. 俱乐部和曼联基金会对社区的工作,给人们的生活带来了巨大的变化,我们应该为此感到骄傲。


曼联超话#曼联足球俱乐部# 🔴⚪️⚫️ ​​​​
Brilliant victory. Enjoy the moment. 🔥 精彩的胜利,享受这一刻吧!🔥


曼联超话#曼联足球俱乐部# 🔴⚪️⚫️ ​​​​
Happy we finish this last game at Old Trafford with a win for the fans who stay behind us all the way. We know it hasn’t been the season we want but two games left to finish positively.

在本赛季老特拉福德的最后一场比赛,我们非常开心可以为一直支持着我们的球迷们送上一场胜利。我们 ​​​​...展开全文c
Thank you for your unconditional support through good days and bad days.

这一路无论风雨天晴,感谢你们一直以来的无条件支持。 ​​​​
Let’s keep pushing and believing until the end 💪🏼

让我们带着信念一直拼到最后一刻 💪🏼

#曼联3比2诺维奇# ​​​​