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Memphis is my home 💙

孟菲斯是我的家 💙 ​​​​
youngin from da projects F* around & got it poppin 😮‍💨

劳逸结合休赛季 😮‍💨 ​​​​
it's jus work 🤝🏽

强化中 🤝🏽 ​​​​
LIFE is a funny & amazin thing when you put it in perspective. I was once a kid with dreams of being a pro basketball player, but life wasn’t lookin so promising for that because I always felt overlooked. My dream finally came to reality. Just because I’m a professional basketb ​​​​...展开全文c
work before da tour 🥷🏽

旅行前训练一波 🥷🏽 ​​​​
Wow that’s a BIG TIME play right there... I see you kid, keep going! Jia You 💪🏾
#初中生中线投出压哨绝杀全场沸腾#[666]网友:这就是青春啊!】近日,陕西西安,一场初中生的篮球比赛中,双方在比赛仅剩3.6秒时拉平比分。此时,一方队员在中线后超远投篮,上演压哨绝杀,赢得比赛。进球瞬间,全场沸腾!网友:#校园时代的高光时刻#,太燃了!@西部决策 L西部决策的微博视频 ​​​​
travel all around da globe , doin what we want wit no regrets ™️🫠

环游世界,尽情享受 ™️🫠 ​​​​
Blessed to be one of the candidates for 4 categories in the 2022 #NBAFanFavorites# campaign. Show 12 some love and click the link here to vote for me: OFanFavorites 🥷🏽 💙

很荣幸能入围2022年#NBAFanFavorites#活动四项奖项的最终候选名单。请为12打call,点击上方链接为我 ​​​​...展开全文c
恭喜贾.莫兰特获得全NBA第二阵容,也是灰熊历史第三位获此殊荣的球员(前两位是小加索尔和兰多夫) ​​​​