I will never get over special moments like these during the SHL concert - their genuine affection for each other is one of the reasons behind their amazing onscreen (and offscreen!) chemistry.

Happy #WOHConcert1stAnniversary# you two. 🏔 Thank you for everything. 💙❤️ ​​​​
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The WOH concert will forever remain *iconic* thanks to the efforts of the cast and crew. Thank you SHL family for this passion project — it was so nice to spend time with you in the spring. Let's stay on the mountain forever! 🗻 #WOHConcert1stAnniversary#

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我在龚俊超话等级达到LV.10,获得美满同舟头衔,小伙伴们快来加入超话一起聊聊吧!超话传送门→#龚俊[超话]# ​​​​
Proud ELF 💙
时隔2年第一次见面。 我们要见面了。 #ELF 💙💙 ​​​​
我在赫海超话等级达到LV.9,获得忠实粉丝头衔,老铁双击666,来 赫海超话与我畅聊吧! ​​​​
喜大普奔!○( ^皿^)っHiahiahia…我在东方神起超话等级达到LV.9,获得忠实粉丝头衔,快来 东方神起超话夸我优秀! ​​​​
喜大普奔!○( ^皿^)っHiahiahia…我在SuperJunior超话等级达到LV.9,获得devil头衔,快来 SuperJunior超话夸我优秀! ​​​​
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Ai ni! 爱你! 💙
Da jia wo shi Donghai !! Wan an !! Wo hen xiang ni men !! Zhen de zhen de !! Don’t for get me !! I love u all !! Wo ai ni men ! ​​​​
喜大普奔!○( ^皿^)っHiahiahia…我在李赫宰超话等级达到LV.9,获得忠实粉丝头衔,快来 李赫宰超话夸我优秀! ​​​​
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Thank you for everything, Word of Honor. [作揖] #山河令#

20220222 22:22

May you only experience happiness and good luck from now on. [打call] ​​​​
I've spent #1YearwithWordofHonor# and it's been a roller-coaster ride. Thank you SHL for introducing me to Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu, but more importantly, for helping me meet Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan. [打call]

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200603 - 就算命运不由自主 心也要永远自由。 初次见 面 我是周子舒。
200923 - 江湖再见
210323 - 江湖, 再见

How fortunate I am to have met you. Until we meet again… [作揖] #山河令# ​​​​