英国创作歌手,代表作《Here's Your Perfect》
Music isn’t about the numbers it’s about how we connect to it. But this is just crazy and I want to say thank you.

No matter where you come from what people say don’t let stupid shit get in the way from achieving your dreams. But thank u to you guys the fans for loving on me  ​​​​...展开全文c
Moments.. Wanna talk to you guys in the comments !! Say hello😅🖤

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Here’s your perfect kinda changed my life this year .. Thank u for making it a special one. Got my next single coming V soon and so excited to share it w u! Love you guys . So much .

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🥺Don’t act like I’m not on your mind
Like you’re on mine
I hope you’re out somewhere right now
And it’s about that time

Someone’s raising toasts 🥂
To someone they say they can’t live without...展开全文c
New York Never Fails 🍎  Until next time..🖤

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I wrote this a few days ago and it just feels so special to me. Damn 💔

Before you said that I’m not enough
I’m trying to find the heart I lost
I’m trying to be who I once was
Missing parts of me all because, all because
New music is coming babyyyyyyyyyy.. What’s up!!!

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I was a kid with a dream.. Still feel like that kid sometimes.. I’d be in my room praying for moments I have now, a kid who was told he wasn’t good enough, auditioned for every tv show possible and always got a No,  felt lost, like nothing was going to happen for me. Was buskin ​​​​...展开全文c